Star wars saga edition/first game


This week I started playing a campaign at my local gaming group and is being run by nook. We had a choice of games to play including, warhammer and abberant but star wars won out.
This is the first time I’ve played the saga edition having extensively played the previous d20 edition and d6 editions. So far we don’t seem to have had game mechanics problems and it seems to run very smoothly, however that could also be down to a good gm.
The caharacters so far are, a Twi’lek Jedi,  Zabrac Scoundrel\Pilot (myself) and a Human Soldier we’re all starting at Level 1, and it’s set during the Clone Wars. We were sent to the planet Trandosha,  to escort a Jedi  Master on a diplomatic mission with the Trandoshanshians. It started out well with the first roll being a pilot check and me rolling an incredible 1! luckily the ships captain Erin Resh took over, and managed to land us safely.
We were left with the ship whilst the Jedi master (NPC) went off to negotiate. After a short while preparing the ships engines, and getting the R2 unit to start refuelling. We were interrupted by a group of battle droids, the Jedi Padawan started out by using the force to lift a crate and crush one of the droids, the Clone trooper and Soldier then opened up on a further two. The Scoundrel decided to try and trick the droids by telling one of them that one was a Republic Infiltrator, not very successfully unfortunately, but hey they are dumb droids. Instead he opened up with his pistol and dropped another one. The remaining droids opened up in retaliation, wounding both the scoundrel and the soldier, and setting fire to the fuel truck that was currently connected to the ship The padawan continued squashing droids with the crate.Taking out another swarm of them, during the commotion the fire started by the droids started spreading to the refuelling line. The R2 unit went about whirring and complaining as it attempted to uncouple the fuel hose to prevent the ship from exploding. The scoundrel ran to uncouple the ship and help the R2 unit. and succeeded in controlling the refuelling cart towards the droids stopping the ship from exploding. After all the droids were down the group set about with minor healing, the padawan sensed the force and foud her master was unconscious and conveyed this to group so they could head in the right directions. with some maps from the R2 unit and guidance from the zabrac pilot the group headed out. The whole complex was under attack with droids roaming the halls and blaster shots heard through the halls. They approached the lifts they needed to get to the ambassadorial rooms. but they noticed that this would be a prime location for a ambush against them.
They halted briefly and got ready, the scoundrel hid in a prime location of a crevice in the wall. The solider set up behind some crates and the padawan stood back. The clone trooper was sent in first to see if there was anyone there, as he rounded the corner they noticed a pair of battle droids, who had yet to see him. He swiftly took them out before they had a chance to retaliate.
The lifts nearby suddenly started moving towards their floor, the rest of the party moved ino position to attack. The Padawan ran to the gap between the two lifts to get a surprise attack.
The doors opened with a swooping motion and three battle droids stepped out and one super droid. The Clone trooper took one down before they knew what was happening and the solider shot at another and missed, narrowly missing the padawan. Who jumped on the super droid, dealing damage with her lightsaber. The scoundrel narrowly missed the super droid, and then the droids got a chance. All missing.
The clone trooper then took down the super droid with another blaster shot, the padawan took down another droid, with the scoundrel taking the last one out.


New blog!

I have been a fan of many gaming blogs over the last few years and seen some good average and excellent ones. With the likes of Monte Cooks, dungeon a day white wolfs live journals and even my current Dms Nook. TDK

I’ve been reading Nooks blog for short while now, but I have just recently met him and started playing in a new star wars saga edition game he is running.

Up till today I didn’t even know he was the author of a blog I had been frequenting. However it did make me realise how the way gamers are interacting is definitely changing

Like many gamers I know I’ve gone through many fazes where I won’t play for a long time and possibly even sold all of my books, however something has always brought me back.

In fact if it wasn’t for the way online networking and blogging has taken off I may never have come back and would never have met some of my best friends or even my girlfriend.

I have decided that I will be posting here at at minimum once a week. I am hoping to do more but with 3 of my nights a week dedicated to role play sessions, I will find it very difficult.

I will be mainly writing about my views on gaming some sessions notes gm tips, and even reviews. If anyone want to see something in particular let me know.