New blog!

I have been a fan of many gaming blogs over the last few years and seen some good average and excellent ones. With the likes of Monte Cooks, dungeon a day white wolfs live journals and even my current Dms Nook. TDK

I’ve been reading Nooks blog for short while now, but I have just recently met him and started playing in a new star wars saga edition game he is running.

Up till today I didn’t even know he was the author of a blog I had been frequenting. However it did make me realise how the way gamers are interacting is definitely changing

Like many gamers I know I’ve gone through many fazes where I won’t play for a long time and possibly even sold all of my books, however something has always brought me back.

In fact if it wasn’t for the way online networking and blogging has taken off I may never have come back and would never have met some of my best friends or even my girlfriend.

I have decided that I will be posting here at at minimum once a week. I am hoping to do more but with 3 of my nights a week dedicated to role play sessions, I will find it very difficult.

I will be mainly writing about my views on gaming some sessions notes gm tips, and even reviews. If anyone want to see something in particular let me know.


2 thoughts on “New blog!

  1. I use the Blogger app on my Android phone to post, mostly.As you've an iPhone, I don't know if there's an official Blogger app, but there should be a 3rd party one.I find that I can use lunch breaks, train journeys and Eastenders to post an update.

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