DiceShaker D&D short review for Android

Being particularly forgetful, Dice Shaker D&D is an almost essential part of my gaming kit. It is always with me when I have my phone and I have forgotten my dice for a session.

DiceShaker D&D is a 3D RPG dice roller app with realistic graphics and advanced physics. It contains a full set of polyhedral dice for role-playing game sessions.

– d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 RPG dice, including percentage dice
– shake the phone or tap the screen to roll the dice, or flick the dice individually
– switch between five separate dice screens
– realistic graphics and physics – tilt the phone upside down and the dice fall on the glass
– total score

For a game like D&D, this is a great tool. You can have some dice presets for things like a single d20, a set of dice for your typical damage roll, etc. For games like most Storyteller system games, it can get bogged down. Adding just a handful of d10s will drag the program to a frustrating crawl.

It’s also missing several key features, such as the ability to use d2, d3 and fudge dice, the ability to add modifiers, or the ability to count successes over a threshold again, for Vampire or Exalted systems.

For a newbie RPG player who don’t have much in cash; you’ve got numerous things to buy before you can get started, including handbooks and manuals that can run you up to £50. Like the books, multi-sided dice are an integral part of the game, and a set of 10 standard dice will run you £5.00 it can make the asking price of this app seem reasonable.

There are many other dice rollers on the Android he market, you can even find a couple for free. What individualizes Dice Shaker from the rest , is that it fully renders 3D dice to be thrown on a table and uses the phone’s accelerometer to simulate just that. You can actually pick up your phone and shake it, and the dice will react as if they’ve been thrown. This can also lead to the same familiar frustration as real dice where some of the dice land on edge, however a simple nudge of the phone will soon sort that out.

Flinging your dice gives you a very satisfying sound as they bounce around, which is just another layer of polish to a beautiful app. The fact that numbers are printed on the sides of the rendered dice can eliminate questions of whether the dice rolls are truly random, as they react as any normal set would.

Dice Shaker also, includes three different table tops and seven colors of dice. The dice can be mixed and matched as well, truly allowing for a personalized experience. In order to aid in ease of use during gaming, you also have also five “tables” which can be flicked through like home screens: each save the dice that are placed on them, so you can call upon roll combinations you use often. I personally use this feature a lot for example one page having your characters attack dice then next page having your damage dice.

In the end this is the best 3D dice app I’ve seen for Android, but as far as the potential to become the great Android App app, it’s got a tweaks to make, especially exploding dice support. For storyteller games or Rolemaster.  All in all it is well worth the asking price even for a part time gamer.


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