Welcome to my blog.

My name is Adam Aldred andI’ve played and loved RPGs since I can remember.

I discovered gaming from a friend when I was very young. I fell in love with the concept of miniatures representing heroes and monsters, dungeon crawling and fantasy. Not much later I would also discover the Epic 40,000 and later other products in the games workshop universe.

I slowly started getting some books and learning to play, Vampire, Rouge Trader (the original), Palladium Fantasy and later Rifts usually giving more importance to the plot and scenarios than the exact rules or even dropping mechanics all together and making our own up.

These days you will mostly be seeing me play Vampire Larp, Dark Heresy, Pathfinder, Cyber Punk, Merp  and a whole host of other indie titles.

I now play a lot more board games, whenever they are dungeon crawlers, strategy games, adventures or unique games.

I also love reading both sci-fi and fantasy books, and of course comics, so you will see small reviews now and then in the blog too.



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