Malice Tombs: Starter Set Review

Every time I open an new Package from Dark Arts Minatures, I am always supried at how much I love them!

After using the tomb set for a couple of months now I can say without doubt that the Dark Arts Miniatures Malice Tomb Set is the best set I’ve used. The size of the pieces, being 25mm square, make it extremely easy to build out a nice-sized tomb complete with coffin and foreboding statue, platforms, and other interesting scenery. Adding in the accessories and doors and other extensions can help you create literally millions of tombs or dungeons.

My primary intent for the tomb set is to run fantasy DND style games. However they have been put to use in other settings too including Scifi, and a few sets together can make some great Zone Mortalis games. Beyond that, however, I was able to use the set immediately in my Rifts game, all of the players remarked at the detail of the set.  On how much crisper and detailed it is compared with the likes of Hirst arts and Dwarven forge.

This highly detailed resin Starter Set is great for DM’s to use as encounter layouts.  It is also ideal for those wanting to try out the range or acting as a solid core for you to expand on.  Each square measures 25 x 25mm representing 5ft sq and is suitable for miniature scales 25-28mm but can also be used up to 32mm. The set includes:

Passageways (1)  1×2 (1)  2×2 (1)  3×2 (1)  4×2 (1)  5×2 (1)  4×2 curved passage (1)  45 degree cut tile

Room tiles (1)  4×4  (1)  2×2  (1)  2×2 curved quarter tile  (2)  Crescent tiles (1)  4×4 feature tile

Feature pieces  (1)  Upper stairway (1)  Lower stairway (1)  Stairway going down (1)  Double doors with removable doors   (1)  Archway (1)  Stone door with removable door  (2)  Short ‘dead end’ feature walls (1)  Stone statue (1)  Stone pillar (1)  Broken pillar (1)  Lords casket with removable lid

The set also includes ‘The Awoken of Dwar Ri An’ mini adventure suitable for most RPG’s. It gives great atmosphere to the terrain and also serves as a guide on what kinds of layouts can be made with the sets.

At only £25 for the Starter Set, that’s a great bargain for any role playing game working out at only £1.00 per piece.  When I use them, however, there is no doubt that they are built to last, my group has even tested the by stamping and jumping on the tiles and they are still intact.

The creator creator of Dwarven Forge. once made a  bold statement  that Dwarven Forge are the best 3D dungeon models in the world. I beg to disagree.  The quality of these tiles shine through, and with the sheer cost of importing Dwarven forge to the UK you could literally fill a whole table with Tomb tiles for the same cost of a single set of Dwarven forge.

Overall if you are looking to invest in some RPG tiles look no further than Malice Tiles.

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